Monday, November 20, 2023

Medical facility in Łeba with financial support from Baltic Power

Medical facility in Łeba with financial support from Baltic Power

A medical facility in Łeba has received a grant of PLN 150,000. This financial support from Baltic Power has enabled the purchase of essential medical equipment for the facility. This is another of the initiatives of Baltic Power, a joint project between ORLEN Group and Northland Power for the local communities in Pomerania. It ties in with a program supporting the residents living in the areas where the accompanying infrastructure of offshore wind farms in the Baltic Sea is being built.

The support that the Baltic Power has given to equip our new medical facility shows that it listens to and sees the actual needs of Łeba community. Thanks to these funds, we can continue to improve the level of health care in the region. I am confident that that Baltic Power's support will significantly improve the comfort and quality of life of our residents and the safety of tourists and visitors during the peak season,” stresses Andrzej Strzechmiński, the mayor of Łeba.

The funds have been allocated for the purchase of the equipment for doctor's offices, nurses’ offices, treatment rooms and the vaccination center, including, among others, the purchase of ECG machines, otoscopes, RR monitoring devices and treatment equipment and instruments. One of the priorities of the region's health policy, in line with the needs reported by residents and local governments, is the development of medical offer of the Lębork District.

“In 2024, the construction of the service base, which will be the permanent operation point for Poland's first offshore wind farm – Baltic Power, will begin in the port of Łeba. As a responsible neighbor who will be staying in the port of Łeba for the next 25 years, we want to support initiatives that will best serve the entire local community. Support for the new medical facility is an example of the implementation of such plans. We hope that thanks to this funding, the residents of Łeba will be able to benefit from even higher quality health care services,” comments Jarosław Broda, CEO of Baltic Power.

This is of great importance for such centers as Łeba, where the number of residents during the spring and summer period reaches 100,000 people. The initiative to provide additional financing for the purchase of the equipment is also part of a whole series of projects implemented by Baltic Power and its shareholders in Pomerania.

 “Baltic Power has been a responsibly managed project from the outset. We plan and implement our activities in harmony with the needs of the local communities where our wind farm will operate for years to come. We maintain close collaboration with local authorities and residents, listening and responding to their needs in the most effective ways. Our top priorities are health, environmental, and fostering positive community relations ,” emphasizes Jens Poulsen, Project Director, Member of Baltic Power Management Board.

The Baltic Power project is the most advanced offshore wind project in Poland. It has fully secured contracts for all key components – including turbines, offshore and onshore substations, cables and foundations – along with their manufacture, transportation and installation. It was the first project in Poland to obtain the required building permits. In May 2023, construction of its onshore infrastructure in the Choczewo Commune began. In September 2023, the project received financing, and in October it was announced that the preparation phase had been completed and full construction of the farm had begun.

The Baltic Power offshore wind farm is one of the ORLEN Group's key projects for achieving its strategic goal of reaching 9 GW of the installed capacity in renewable energy by 2030. The farm will be built approx. 23 kilometers away from the coast, at the height of Łeba and Choczewo, and will consist of 76 state-of-the-art wind turbines with a unit power output of 15 MW. Upon the completion of construction in 2026, the Baltic Power farm will start producing energy to power more than 1.5 million households.



Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Baltic Power embarks on construction of Central Europe’s largest green energy project

The ORLEN Group and Northland Power has reached the Final Investment Decision (FID) to build Baltic Power, Poland’s first offshore wind farm. The project, set to bolster Poland’s energy system through the addition of nearly 1.2 GW in 2026, will be pursued in partnership with Canada’s Northland Power. Baltic Power will deliver sustainable, accessible energy to an estimated 1.5 million households. The FID means that with all the requisite construction permits in place, all key components contracted, and financing secured, the project is primed for execution. Moreover, as part of its ongoing efforts to facilitate offshore industry development, the Group has initiated the construction of an installation terminal in Świnoujście.


Sunday, May 21, 2023

The construction of transmission infrastructure for Baltic Power offshore wind farm is commenced

The ORLEN Group and Northland Power have commenced the construction of an onshore substation in the Choczewo municipality. The project will allow the Baltic Power wind farm to receive energy generated offshore. According to the schedule, the farm will start producing zero-carbon energy in 2026.


Thursday, May 4, 2023

Success of the first edition of the program to support local initiatives "Choczewo. Wind Powered Commune"

45 projects with a total value of PLN 1 million were implemented in the first edition of the program "Choczewo. Wind Powered Commune". The initiative created for the inhabitants of the municipality of Choczewo (Pomeranian voivodeship) is the idea of investors of offshore wind farms: Baltic Power (PKN ORLEN and Northland Power), PGE Baltica and Ørsted, and Ocean Winds implementing offshore investments in the Polish part of the Baltic Sea. The aim of the initiative is to support ideas put forward by the local community where the infrastructure necessary to bring power from offshore wind farms to land is being developed.