Thursday, February 9, 2023

Baltic Power has selected the main contractor for its offshore wind farm service base

Baltic Power has selected the main contractor for its offshore wind farm service base

Baltic Power has selected the main contractor for the Orlen Group and Northland Power offshore wind farm service base. Its construction will start later this year and will end in 2025. As of 2026, the base will provide service of 76 offshore wind turbines. The amount of energy they generate will be equivalent to the electricity consumption of more than 1.5 million households.

– Poland faces the need for transformation of its energy generation sources, and the ORLEN Group is an active participants in this process. Access to cheap green energy is one of the basic factors for the competitiveness of the economy and the opportunity of stable growth over the coming decades. Therefore, we consistently build a strong multi-utility group able to invest in forward-looking areas of modern power sector, which will ensure security of energy supply for consumers, development of the potential of Polish companies and increase in value for PKN ORLEN shareholders,” – emphasizes Daniel Obajtek, President of the Management Board of PKN ORLEN.

The Baltic Power wind farm, built by the Consortium of PKN ORLEN and Northland Power, is to consist of 76 wind turbines, each with a height of over 200 meters. The farm will occupy an area of over 130 km², approx. 23 km north of the Baltic Sea coastline, near Łeba and Choczewo.

The service base for the Baltic Power farm, which will be built on the premises of port in Łeba, will be the center of its daily operation and maintenance. Location is of prime importance in this case – the base must be located close to the area where the farm is located to ensure the shortest possible response time for service teams. In this case, approx. 40 minutes will be needed to reach the Offshore Windfarm from Łeba.

Polish company ERBUD will be responsible for the base construction, which will start in 2023. As the main Contractor, it will perform, among others, preparation of the project site, hydraulic works related to the alteration of the quayside and construction of the complex of base buildings together with their infrastructure. Approximately 2–4 Crew Transfer Vessels, i.e. vessels intended for transport of maintenance personnel, will be permanently stationed in the base. Each of them may take up to 24 technicians with the necessary equipment on board at a time. The base operating 365 days a year will employ up to 50 persons responsible for the maintenance and operation of the offshore wind farm.

ERBUD, has  30-years-experience in implementing construction projects, among others, in the fields of power sector and hydraulic engineering in Poland and Europe. For the implementation of the project, the contractor plans to employ approx. 100 employees. All suppliers and subcontractors, whose services will be used by ERBUD, i.e. more than 20 companies, are entities registered in Poland. Thus, the construction of the base will contribute to the development of the local value chain for the offshore wind sector.

Baltic Power has also selected the company responsible for providing the contract engineer service for service base. The company that will supervise the entire investment process guaranteeing its timely implementation will be Antea Poland. It is a part of an international consortium specializing in comprehensive supervision projects, among others in the fields of power sector, infrastructure, and water management.

Baltic Power is the most advanced offshore wind farm construction project in the Polish part of the Baltic Sea. In 2022, the Company secured contracts for the production, transport, and installation of all key components necessary for the implementation of the project. At the beginning of 2023, Baltic Power obtained the first required building permits for the onshore part of the project. This is the first such decision issued for offshore wind projects implemented in Poland. Obtaining the onshore permit is one of the milestones necessary for the final investment decision and commencement of the Offshore Windfarm construction in 2024.



Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Tender for the Baltic Power Contract Engineer Service

The Baltic Power Offshore Wind Farm (OWF) is a project under development, located in the Polish Exclusive Economic Zone in the Baltic Sea. The offshore location license covers a total area of approximately 131 km2 and the buildable area available for installation of OWF components is approximately 100 km2. Offshore export cable route is located in Polish Exclusive Economic Zone, Baltic Territorial Sea and Internal Waters. Onshore part of the project is located in Choczewo Commune, Starosty of Wejherowo. Onshore export cable lines are located within the Choczewo Forest.


Friday, October 21, 2022

Baltic Power met for the third time with companies interested in participating in the construction and operation of an offshore wind farm

More than 400 people from 215 companies met at the Baltic Power Supply Chain Meeting 2022 in Sopot. The third edition of the Baltic Power conference focused on the key suppliers, who presented the scopes of the planned works, the schedules for their execution and the areas in which they are looking for Polish suppliers. The construction of the Baltic Power farm is planned for 2024 - 2026, and the participation of Polish companies in the project is estimated at around 25% over the entire life cycle of the farm.


Thursday, October 13, 2022

Baltic Power project driving new investments

Poland’s first installation terminal to be located in Świnoujście and a turbine factory to be built by Vestas in Szczecin are two new investment projects now afoot in connection with the Baltic Power offshore wind farm. The joint venture project between the ORLEN Group and Northland Power will require 76 state-of-the-art 15 MW turbines from Vestas, whose components will be manufactured at the supplier’s new assembly factory in Szczecin. The turbine factory, to be manned by a staff of up to 700, is scheduled for completion in 2024, while the ORLEN Group’s installation terminal at the Port of Świnoujście will commence operations in 2025.