Development of the Baltic Power offshore wind farm is a joint venture project of two experienced companies: PKN ORLEN (Poland) and Northland Power (Canada). Under the partnership agreement signed in 2021, the companies will jointly carry out the construction of the 1.2 GW offshore wind farm at the Baltic Sea.

The ORLEN Group, which owns Baltic Power, is the largest fuel and energy company in Central Europe. We operate in six markets: Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany, Lithuania, Slovakia and Canada. Our power generation assets have a total capacity of 3.3 GW, including 624 MW in renewable energy sources. We plan to use the investment in offshore wind power generation – one of the key facets of the ORLEN2030 strategy – to become the energy transition leader in our region. The ORLEN Group aims to become a net zero carbon business by 2050.

Over the coming decade, the ORLEN Group will spend a total of PLN 47bn on low- and zero-carbon energy generation sources. The Group will focus primarily on offshore and onshore wind power generation and photovoltaic projects. By 2030, we plan to hold a portfolio of renewable energy sources with a total capacity of 2.5 GW (calculated according to ORLEN Group shares). Zero-carbon energy generation sources will be supported by cutting-edge low-emission gas sources.

The Group’s energy assets include: 58 renewable-energy power plants, mainly across the hydro, solar PV and onshore wind farm segments. The wind power segment comprises 10 farms with a total installed capacity of 353 MW. In addition, the ORLEN Group has two cutting-edge CCGT units, located in Płock and Włocławek, as well as the Płock CHP plant – the largest autoproducer CHP plant in Poland and one of the largest in Europe. The Company also has an extensive network of transmission lines with a total length of approximately 200,000 kilometres, which ensures continuous electricity supply to approximately 3 million customers.

For details of the ORLEN2030 strategy, go to orlen.pl

Northland Power is an independent power producer established in 1987 and publicly traded since 1997. Northland Power develops, builds, owns and operates clean and green global power infrastructure assets that produce electricity from clean-burning natural gas and renewable resources such as wind and solar. Northland’s vision is to be a top clean and green global power player and to inspire its people to achieve a sustainable and prosperous future for all stakeholders.

Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, with global offices in thirteen countries, Northland owns or has an economic interest in 2.7 GW of operating generating capacity, including three offshore wind farms in the North Sea, and a significant inventory of early to mid-stage development opportunities encompassing approximately 4 to 5 GW of potential capacity.

For more informations about company visit northlandpower.com