Friday, September 3, 2021

Tender for the Baltic Power onshore part of grid connection assets

Tender for the Baltic Power onshore part of grid connection assets

Onshore part of grid connection assets of the Baltic Power offshore windfarm, that include onshore cable lines, onshore substation and overhead lines connecting Baltic Power substation with National Grid will be constructed in the Choczewo commune in Northern Poland.

The 6.5 km onshore cable route will be routed via underground single-core AC cables with an operating voltage of 220 kV or 275 kV. The onshore cable route starts at the Transition Joint Bays located near shore, through forest area and terminates at the Baltic Power high voltage onshore substation, from which power will be transferred to National Grid via 400 kV overhead lines. The onshore substation will be equipped among others with reactive power and voltage control equipment to ensure compliance with Polish Grid-Code requirements. The Baltic Power project is planning to select Contractor, that under an EPC contract arrangement will execute full scope of onshore grid connection assets of Baltic Power Offshore Windfarm.

The subject matter of the contractor's works under the EPC contract is expected as follows:

  • Construction of all components including overhead lines to SE Choczewo Substation in accordance with Polish construction laws.
  • Delivery, installation, and commissioning of all equipment required
  • Detailed design and technical analyses required to complete contract
  • Performance of all other works relating to the connection of the Offshore Wind Farm to the National Power System (NPS) ensuring compliance with the issued Grid Connection Conditions (GCC)


To be considered for invitation to bid Interested parties shall be able to demonstrate the following capabilities by providing reference documents with name of the project and scope of work:

  • Demonstrate previous experience in engineering, procurement, management, and construction services for execution of turnkey HV/EHV Substations with capacity greater than 100 MW
  • Demonstrate previous experience in installation of HV cables
  • Demonstrate the required capacity of engineering & management staff to perform full scope of works
  • Demonstrate previous experience working with one of TSOs inside ENTSO-E area in construction of HV/EHV substations
  • Demonstrate reference HV/EHV substation projects within ENTSO-E area
  • Demonstrate matured organisation and systems with respect to management of Health and Safety and Quality control for the entire scope of works
  • Demonstrate previous experience in maintenance of HV/EHV substations (220 kV & 400 kV)
  • Capable of providing detailed technical and commercial offer documentation for entire scope of works detailing the electrical and civil sub packages within designated tender time period


If you have the required capabilities and want to be considered for inclusion in the onshore grid connection assets tender, please contact Catriona Hanzel (e-mail: and Alexander Kavell (e-mail: with the required information by no later than 18:00 CET Tuesday, 14th September.

Communication and correspondence within the project is conducted in English.



Monday, July 5, 2021

Baltic Power finalises geotechnical surveys of the Baltic Sea bed

​Twelve specialised vessels are beginning the main phase of geotechnical surveys of the Baltic Sea bottom in the area of the planned wind farm and along the connection route. Completion of the tests is scheduled for later this year. The results will provide a basis for the development of a detailed plan of locations of the foundations for the turbines and offshore substations and their connection to the onshore transmission infrastructure.


Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Energy Regulatory Office awards support for Baltic Power wind farm

The Energy Regulatory Office has granted support for the Baltic Power project in the form of a 25-year Contract for Difference (CfD). Under the CfD, the project owner will receive payments covering any negative balance of electricity generated offshore and fed into the grid, which means that the project will be compensated for the potential difference between the market price of electricity and the strike price of the CfD.


Thursday, March 25, 2021

PKN ORLEN finalises its strategic partnership with Northland Power on Baltic Power project

​After fulfilment of the conditions precedent - including obtaining merger clearance - stipulated in the joint venture agreement signed in January 2021, NP Baltic Wind B.V. a subsidiary of Northland Power has subscribed for the shares in Baltic Power. The joint venture agreement provides for joint development and operation of the Baltic Power offshore wind farm, whose construction is scheduled for launch in 2023.